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Synopsis:  The First Time For Penny is a faith-based film that provides a snapshot into the life of the Monroe family. 30-something-year-old Penny is the youngest of four siblings. Michael, Joan, and Jack have always resented and been jealous of Penny because she was their father, Charles' favorite, and no one ever knew why. A year after Charles's passing, the reason for his extraordinary affinity for Penny is revealed by Charles himself in a most remarkable and unexpected manner from the grave, and one of Charles' children, unbeknownst to everyone, was responsible for his death. If that is not enough to push Penny's insanity button, her fiance appears less committed with each passing day, and finally, he commits the unthinkable and the unforgivable! Will fortress Penny, who has always been a strong tower, be able to pick up the pieces of her shattered faith and persevere? Or will her broken ship take in too much water and sink like the Titanic? The story is riveting and it won't be anything like you think. Penny's first time is unlike most women in many regards, but is in one: it transforms Penny's life.


As we see Penny's challenges and dilemmas, we should evaluate similar areas in our own lives and ask ourselves the pivotal question, "will my anchor hold and grip the solid Rock no matter what?" It is truly a matter of life and death in the here and now, and in the hereafter.  


It is dark... It is evil... It is deadly... And it may already be living in You!  But after watching this movie, you can identify if it is in you; and if so, what you need to do to prevent it from overtaking your life and pulling you into the unforgivable abyss forever!